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How Green Is Your Car?

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FIAT flounders. Škoda and SEAT go greener.

24 October 2019

Today, Green NCAP releases its third and final round of the year, with three cars being rated in Green NCAP’s wide range of laboratory and road tests. The Arona, SEAT’s mini crossover, gets 4 stars in its 1.5 TSI form. Škoda’s large family car, the Octavia TDI DSG, scores one less and FIAT’s Panda in CNG mode achieves only two stars.

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Welcome to the web site of Green NCAP

Green NCAP is an independent initiative which promotes the development of cars which are clean, energy efficient and not harmful to the environment. It aims to improve the quality of the air that we breathe, to maximise the use of resources used for passenger transportation and to reduce global warming.

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New Green NCAP helps consumers to make environment-friendly car choices

28 February 2019

Today, Green NCAP, the new consumer programme to promote greener cars, launches its first round of results. Twelve cars have been rated against a tough new test regime which explores the gap between manufacturers’ claims and real-world performance.

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