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How Green Is Your Car?

Green NCAP launches unique Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool for Consumers

December 2022

Green NCAP launches a new Consumer Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool, allowing website visitors to compare the LCA values of cars in relation to their country, energy mix and usage.  Targeting consumers who are considering the sustainability of their vehicle in the context of where they live and their long-term usage, as well as academics, industry, and legislators, this tool represents a real step forward towards global environmental awareness about climate-changing emissions and the lifecycle energy required to produce green and sustainable cars.

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Life Cycle Assessment: How Sustainable is Your Car?

April 2022

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method to estimate the overall environmental impact of a vehicle over its total lifecycle. Green NCAP’s LCA assesses the greenhouse gas emissions and the primary energy demand during the various stages in the life cycle of different passenger vehicles.

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Welcome to the web site of Green NCAP

Green NCAP is an independent initiative which promotes the development of cars which are clean, energy efficient and not harmful to the environment. It aims to improve the quality of the air that we breathe, to maximise the use of resources used for passenger transportation and to reduce global warming.

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    21st September 2023

    Today, Green NCAP releases results for two new Chinese electric cars, one from BYD and another from ORA, which have both been recently introduced onto the European market. These two vehicles achieve Green NCAP’s top scores in the assessment. Green NCAP also releases new results for vehicles with diesel and petrol…

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    21 September 2023