Opel Corsa
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CleanAir Created with Sketch.
9.0 10 Clean Air Index
EnergyEfficiency Created with Sketch.
6.0 10 Energy Efficiency Index
Laboratory TestsHCCONOxPN
7.09Cold test*
3.03Warm test#
3.03Eco Mode#
3.03Sport Mode#
Road test
7.07On-Road Drive*
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


Control of pollutant emissions is generally good or adequate and the score in this part of the assessment reflects this strong performance. In the cold test, control of particulate number is marginal and, in the high-load highway test, that of carbon monoxide is weak.

Laboratory TestsEnergy Efficiency
8.210Cold test*
2.43Warm test*
2.43Eco Mode#
2.43Sport Mode#
Average consumption6.1l100 km
Worst-case consumption7.4l100 km
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


The Corsa's 66 kW engine demonstrates adequate efficiency in most tests but is marginal in the high-load highway test.

Greenhouse Gases**

Cold test*
Warm test#
Eco Mode#
Sport Mode#
**For indication only. The assessment of greenhouse gases does not currently form part of the rating.


  • Year of Publication 2019
  • Tested Car W0V0XEP08A602XXXX
  • Emissions Class Euro 6d-Temp
  • Mass 1,088 kg
  • Engine Size 999 cc
  • Engine Power/Torque 66 kW/169 Nm
  • Tyres 195/55R16
  • Published CO2 138 g/km

Our verdict

The iconic Opel/Vauxhall Corsa is due to be replaced later this year with a Peugeot-Citroën derived model. The car tested here is the fifth-generation Corsa E, developed under GM. With a one-litre 66 kW engine, and meeting Euro 6d-temp regulations, the car performed very well for Clean Air, with generally low pollutant emissions. After-treatment includes a three-way catalyst and gasoline particulate filter, which work well to keep emissions well controlled. Energy efficiency is also generally good, and just above the four-star threshold. In the high-load highway test, efficiency is marginal, and it is here that the maximum fuel consumption of 7.4 l/100 km is recorded. Four stars is a creditable result for a petrol-engined vehicle, and the Corsa performs especially well in its control of pollutant emissions.