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CleanAir Created with Sketch.
10.0 10 Clean Air Index
EnergyEfficiency Created with Sketch.
8.5 10 Energy Efficiency Index
Laboratory TestsHCCONOxPN
9.09Cold test*
3.03Warm test#
3.03Eco Mode#
3.03Sport Mode#
Road test
7.07On-Road Drive*
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


With no combustion engine, no pollutants are emitted in the tests and the car scores maximum points.

Laboratory TestsEnergy EfficiencyConsumption
10.010Cold test*14.9kWh100 km
3.03Warm test*14.5kWh100 km
3.03Eco Mode#12.9kWh100 km
3.03Sport Mode#14.5kWh100 km
10.010Highway#19.8kWh100 km
ConsumptionElectrical energy
Average consumption15.3kWh100 km
Worst-case consumption19.8kWh100 km
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


The i3 is rated as good for energy efficiency, with an average electrical energy consumption of 15.3 kWh/100 km across the lab tests.

Greenhouse Gases**

Cold test*
Warm test#
Eco Mode#
Sport Mode#
**For indication only. The assessment of greenhouse gases does not currently form part of the rating.


  • Year of Publication 2019
  • Tested Car WBY1Z21010VZ5XXXX
  • Emissions Class Euro 6b
  • Mass 1,270 kg
  • Engine Power/Torque 125 kW/250 Nm
  • Tyres 155/70 R19
  • Published CO2 0 g/km

Our verdict

BMW has used weight-saving carbon-fibre technology to keep the i3 at a trim 1270 kg, although its 125 kW electric motor and battery pack limits the weight-loss that can be achieved. Electric motors deliver a high torque and the i3 delivers a hefty 250 Nm. Local pollutant emissions are zero, of course, as no fuel is burned during the tests, and the i3 scores a maximum 10 in the Clean Air Index. Energy Efficiency is also very good, with consumption not exceeding 20 kWh/100 km in any of the tests. In an additional test, performed for information only, consumption was as low as 10.2 kWh/100 km with the car in “ECO PRO +” mode, in which its maximum speed is limited to 90 km/h. Of course, emissions of carbon dioxide are zero. Overall, the i3 demonstrates that full electric propulsion currently offers the greenest mode of transport around.