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CleanAir Created with Sketch.
3.1 10 Clean Air Index
EnergyEfficiency Created with Sketch.
6.7 10 Energy Efficiency Index
Laboratory TestsHCCONOxPN
0.09Cold test*
1.73Warm test#
1.73Eco Mode#
1.73Sport Mode#
Road test
5.57On-Road Drive*
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


The Golf demonstrates poor control of oxides of nitrogen in all of the laboratory tests. In the high-load highway test, emissions of this pollutant are sufficiently high that no points are scored.

Laboratory TestsEnergy Efficiency
8.510Cold test*
2.63Warm test*
2.63Eco Mode#
2.63Sport Mode#
Average consumption5.0l100 km
Worst-case consumption6.0l100 km
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


Energy efficiency is adequate in most of the tests and is rated as marginal in the high-load highway test.

Greenhouse Gases**

Cold test*
Warm test#
Eco Mode#
Sport Mode#
**For indication only. The assessment of greenhouse gases does not currently form part of the rating.


  • Year of Publication 2019
  • Emissions Class Euro 6b
  • Mass 1,390 kg
  • Engine Size 1,598 cc
  • Engine Power/Torque 81 kW/250 Nm
  • Tyres 225/45 R17
  • Published CO2 109 g/km

Our verdict

The VW Golf has long been considered the benchmark against which other cars in its class are judged. Here, it is tested as a 1.6 TDI, meeting the requirements of Euro-6 when tested using the previous drive-cycle and not the latest WLTC (Worldwide-harmonized Light-vehicle Test Cycle) of Euro 6d-Temp. Equipped with lean NOₓ trap and a diesel particulate filter, the car nevertheless struggles to control its NOₓ emissions, which are high in all of lab tests and especially so in the high-load highway cycle. Values are marginal in the on-road drive. Other pollutants are well controlled. Energy efficiency is generally adequate and, in this regard, the Golf achieves a very creditable index of 6.7. Overall, the car achieves good energy efficiency but at the expense of its NOₓ emissions, which severely limit its Clean Air score.