Audi A4 Avant g-tron
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CleanAir Created with Sketch.
8.7 10 Clean Air Index
EnergyEfficiency Created with Sketch.
4.7 10 Energy Efficiency Index
Laboratory TestsHCCONOxPN
8.09Cold test*
2.93Warm test#
2.83Eco Mode#
2.93Sport Mode#
Road test
6.47On-Road Drive*
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


A Clean Air index of 8.7 is a creditable achievement for a Euro 6b-compliant car. However, control of carbon monoxide emissions and of hydrocarbons in the high-load test, could be improved.

Laboratory TestsEnergy Efficiency
5.710Cold test*
1.93Warm test*
1.93Eco Mode#
1.73Sport Mode#
Average consumption4.6kg100 km
Worst-case consumption5.0kg100 km
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


The car's overall star rating is determined by its marginal energy efficiency, with performance in eco-mode no better than in standard drive-mode.

Greenhouse Gases**

Cold test*
Warm test#
Eco Mode#
Sport Mode#
**For indication only. The assessment of greenhouse gases does not currently form part of the rating.


  • Year of Publication 2019
  • Tested Car WAUZZZF43JA17XXXX
  • Emissions Class Euro 6b
  • Mass 1,702 kg
  • Engine Size 1,984 cc
  • Engine Power/Torque 125 kW/270 Nm
  • Tyres 245/35 R19
  • Published CO2 111 g/km

Our verdict

The Audi A4 Avant is tested here as the ‘g-tron’, the CNG (compressed natural gas)-powered variant of the model range. The g-tron’s declared CO₂ value of 111 g/km is significantly lower than its purely petrol-engined siblings. The car tested was compliant with Euro 6b emissions legislation. Such cars can still currently be sold in the EU but must soon be upgraded to meet Euro 6d-temp requirements. Green NCAP will test the updated g-tron as soon as possible. While the car operates almost exclusively on CNG, it also has a small ‘emergency’ petrol reserve, to get it to the nearest gas station. The car was tested in both CNG and petrol modes, the CNG results primarily defining the score and star rating, but with penalties if the performance on petrol was significantly worse. In most of the laboratory tests, control of pollutant emissions was good or adequate, except for carbon monoxide, control of which was marginal. The high-load highway test did not affect the rating of this pollutant, but emissions of unburnt hydrocarbons was noticeably worse than in the other tests, and was rated as weak. In the cold test, particulate emissions were very high when tested on the emergency petrol reserve. Energy efficiency was marginal for all tests, with similar values for the car in standard drive mode and in eco-mode, but noticeably worse in sports mode and in the high load test. All in all, the A4 g-tron performs adequately but should do better when tested in its latest Euro 6d-temp form.