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CleanAir Created with Sketch.
0.0 10 Clean Air Index
EnergyEfficiency Created with Sketch.
6.0 10 Energy Efficiency Index
Laboratory TestsHCCONOxPN
0.09Cold test*
0.03Warm test#
0.03Eco Mode#
0.03Sport Mode#
Road test
0.07On-Road Drive*
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


In this Euro 6b form, the Panda struggles to control particulate number. In all tests, emissions of this pollutant are sufficiently high that no points are scored.

Laboratory TestsEnergy Efficiency
7.910Cold test*
2.63Warm test*
2.63Eco Mode#
2.63Sport Mode#
Average consumption5.9l100 km
Worst-case consumption7.6l100 km
* Adapted regulatory test # Additional Green NCAP tests
  • n.a.
  • good
  • adequate
  • marginal
  • weak
  • poor


The Panda demonstrates adequate energy efficiency in all of the lab tests except the high-load highway test where efficiency is marginal.

Greenhouse Gases**

Cold test*
Warm test#
Eco Mode#
Sport Mode#
**For indication only. The assessment of greenhouse gases does not currently form part of the rating.


  • Year of Publication 2019
  • Tested Car ZFA31200003A1XXXX
  • Emissions Class Euro 6b
  • Mass 1,121 kg
  • Engine Size 875 cc
  • Engine Power/Torque 62.5 kW/145 Nm
  • Tyres 175/65R14
  • Published CO2 99 g/km

Our verdict

The third-generation Panda was introduced by FIAT in 2011 and is tested here as the 62.5kW, two-cylinder TwinAir. With a displacement of just 875 cc, the turbocharged engine is equipped only with a three-way catalyst to reduce pollutant emissions, enough to meet Euro 6 emissions standards when tested using the previous test drive-cycle but not the latest WLTC (Worldwide-harmonized Light-vehicle Test Cycle) of Euro 6d-Temp. When tested against Green NCAP’s more demanding procedures and limits, emissions of particulates and carbon monoxide were high and the Panda scored no points in any of the Clean Air tests. Control of other pollutant emissions was at least marginal and was adequate or good in some of the cycles. The Panda scored much better for energy efficiency, with an index of 6.0. Energy efficiency was adequate in most tests and marginal in the high-load highway test. Overall, the Panda in this Euro 6b form is let down by high particulate and carbon monoxide emissions.